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When you were born, they sucked all the stuff (amniotic fluid) out of your mouth so you could start breathing air. Then, they rubbed your body vigorously to see if you tensed up. If you did, it was great! It meant that your spine was intact and that your nerves were likely working as intended.

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But, what this means is that right from your very beginning in this life – at your birth – is where you first learned to use two of your defense mechanisms! You learned:

  1. To tense

  2. To hold your breath.

What I ask of my clients is that during their massage, and for as long as they can after

  1. RELAX


When I push on something that hurts (and I certainly might ), it’s natural to tense a little. Your sympathetic nerve system – the mechanism in charge of your fight or flight response – sends the signal,  “HE’S TRYING TO HURT YOU!!” Then you’re parasympathetic nerve system – the mechanism in charge of the automatic operation of your heart, lungs and brain – responds with “No, no, no, everything is cool. This is a massage.”

So, you relax. Tense. Relax. Tense. Relax…

It’s at this point that you are actually being taught how you can relax under pressure. Theoretically, you can apply this lesson to any kind of stress or pain – emotional or physical. This lesson, if learned well, would actually reduce the need for massage! Of course, it’s not a lesson I’ll insist you learn 😉

“The only reason for pain, emotional or physical, is resistance.”

“Nothing is important… you just need more nothing!”

“Consider the possibility that everything you know is wrong.”


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